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Footyroom research project
atleatle1 9 months ago
AGF, Denmark 1 1

Hello. First of all, sorry for the non-related post.
We are two students from the University of Copenhagen who are very interested in online forum communities and their users. We find this forum to be very interesting to our project.
We hope that you will give us 2 min of you time to answer this survey and contribute to our research
Thank you very much

  • Atle & Christian

tuan_jinn 9 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 195 6723

Hi Atle & Christian,

Good luck! I've finished the survey.

A small remark: the questions are quite ok, but in related to how frequent I visit or use the site, you wouldn't have good data because:

  • with this type of social platform, forum: the activities varies A LOT based on period of the year <-- so you might want some question in away to smoke that out.
    • members tend to be less active after finish school or get married etc... (you have some question like that)

Some question that might be good for forum/social platform related research:

  • I have friends that when their clubs play like craps, or favourite players injured, they have no interest to go to any site...
  • Some guys stop going here because of trolls.
  • There are members that go on the site daily but never interact nor post anything

Good luck and enjoy FR