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Footyroom Podcast
Ledley 4 years ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1310

Would anyone be interested in doing a Fr Podcast ? I know it sounds a bit odd, perhaps even extreme but I like some of the heated discussion and even arguments on this site. Also like people sharing information we did not know but instead of typing it, the community can jump on board and share there insights on their team and what’s happening in the league. Also fantasy football a goodie. I don’t know if it would work getting all the characters on together (Tuan Jinn, Emobot, Quikzyy, Tiki_Taka, Pele) sorry if I left anyone out but you catch the drift - All the main contributors. I would lol at some of the discussions to be had, + it’s a good practise in English if nothing less. I don’t think we are experts but certainly a lot of stuff comes up here from different sources that I don’t know about. And, who doesn’t enjoy talking about footballl ⚽️.

Could anyone do it or does anyone have any experience doing it ?

EdgarEAM 4 years ago
2 241

OMG, U are crazy man.

Everything that u create is good, positive thing. I only wish luck everyone if they take this project / adventure, crazy stuff from Ledley 😋😋