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Football and Mental Health.
Ledley 5 years ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1310

Australia is engaging in a mental health awareness month for Men in november. It is called Movember. People are encouraged to grow a mow, moustache, to prevent men and their mates suffering alone.

So, I am just wondering how active everyone here is?

a. Do you play football or sports?
b. Do you engage with your community outside of your computer and internet?
c. Do you yourself suffer from a mental illness or know a friend or family member who does?

YOU can make a difference.

I recently got discharged from a private mental health unit, and on leaving i realised just how much i lived my life in recluse. My life had become a few computer games, this forum and calling 1 friend per month who lives overseas. Only through discussing this with others in groups was I able to see this. I got discharged today and although i am not 100%, my recovery started when i left the ward and I am no longer interested in hiding away from life and keepin it all to myself. If you don't want to participate that is also fine.

I'll kick it off.

Ledley 5 years ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1310

a. I have been playing touch fooball (touch Rugby) once every Sunday. I don't play football other than the times in the back yard against my wall. I wish i had a team to play 5-a-side !

b. No not alot. I am hoping to do work as a volunteer now that I have been discharged. I am addicted to Benzodiazepines, Benzo addiction (Klonopin, Valium) so i am looking to ease my way back into my local small community and do what few hours I can focus on volunteering and do what I can given that my mind is asleep on these evil drugs!

c. I suffer from OCD. This gives me an increased ammount of anxiety generally around others! My family is quite hard working and most of my buddies, live quite full lives approaching their thirties, getting married and having kids etc etc. In my family it is not spoken about enough and is I guess why less people come to family dinners every blue moon. However, I am also looking at changing this through discussing my own personal experiences in hospital and outside with how I have been living my life with a mask on. And just having a conversation (because I am a man) not keeping it all to myself.

I am also growing a late mow(moustach), this November.

Greatone 5 years ago
Arsenal, Australia 19 727

best of luck working on your mental health, i think you'll find that most people don't like to talk about mental health in or around football even if the stats are saddening

Ledley 5 years ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1310

Thanks. Yeah, its been a long and hard journey but actually watching late night Footy on Optus and other sports as been heaps helpful. Even if people speak different languages, sport somehow brings the best (and worst) outta people. But pulls peeps together.

I thought i would atleast talk about it this month since its for Men. Even if no one says anything there is always help available.

Emobot7 5 years ago
538 11435

I wish you luck with your effort. I myself am not a very outgoing person and I should propably work on it too. Lets all do our best.

Ledley 5 years ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1310

@Emobot Give it a try mate. All about balance IMHO. The internet is here to stay, in my own case i wish i started years ago in helping myself by expanding, trying stuff & see what I can do. When the day is done, I login to the web and that includes FR!

uncle_touchy 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 3 123

Good post with mental health if we could say don't support Arsenal and you should be fine. XDDD

ameendpt 4 years ago
Chicago Soccers, Pakistan 0 9

If you want to remain mentally healthy, then close your eyes and support Liverpool. A team of joy and it will win English Premier League Championship. So don't worry and support LFC.
Can i also talk about cricket?
Another sports cricket if you like cricket then support PSL a league on Zerocric.

Thanks in Advance

kathywatson 3 years ago
Aston Villa, England 0 1

Great Ideas.

DarthFooty 3 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1106

Not talked about enough! You are not alone and you can make a difference!

Stevennall 2 years ago
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Best of luck man and stay strong

RichardFenner 9 months ago Edited
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Exploring the intricate bond between football and mental well-being, I've witnessed how this sport transcends the field. Just as players unite to score goals, we too can tap into the power of teamwork for our mental health. Much like the support provided by resources like the camaraderie in football fosters resilience and camaraderie, reminding us that we're not alone in navigating life's challenges.

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Mental well-being is my top priority, both on and off the football field. Just as I train my body, I nurture my mind. Staying mentally fit enhances my performance, decision-making, and resilience. Football teaches discipline and teamwork, which positively impact my mental health. Balancing the physical demands of the game with mindfulness practices ensures I'm at my best. Remember, a healthy mind is my greatest asset in the beautiful game and in life.