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Final Day Highlight
Emobot7 8 months ago
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So, the final day of the top 5 competition ended and here are my take away:


  • Aguero beating Wayne Rooney record despite playing only half or a third of his final game. I thought that was impressive, nearly wondered if Everton let him score.

  • Leicester collapsing against Tottenham despite them getting 2 penalty and Chelsea losing against Aston Villa. Losing Champion League on the last day like that will feel like bottling it to Leicester, kinda suck since I wanted to see them play in CL next year. Not mad about Chelsea making it though, they deserve it.

  • Liverpool saving their season by making it into CL. Alison goal against WBA will propably be remembered as the turning point of their attempt to save their season. Good on them for actually doing it, personally, I still think they were quite fortunate in the end.

  • Tottenham will be the first team ever English side to play in the UEFA Europa Conference League. A dramatic 4-2 win against Leicester will have permited the Spurs to not only be in the competetion but also to block rival Arsenal to make it in despite their win. It will be interesting to see how they perform in it.


  • Atletico Madrid won La Liga, some people thought they were gonna collapse in the end and it was certainly done the hard way but they actually did it. Really happy for Simeone and Suarez among other, they really proved everyone they still had it.


  • AC Milan are back in CL! This was something I was potentially very excited and after knowing Milan had to beat Atalanta, I was worried they wouldn't make it but they did so congrats on them, excited to see some classical match-up from the past.

  • Juventus managed to also make it in CL but a team from their standing shouldn't have had to wait till the last day of the season to confirm their spot (and have to rely on another team not winning their game by the same occasion). For me, its clear thing aren't going too well right now for Juve despite some positive. Still good for them and their fan for making it.

  • Napoli, a bit similar to Leicester, all they had to do to get into CL was win that one game against Verona but they couldn't manage it. This propably one of the reason Gatuso was fired after the last day.


  • Lille winning Ligue 1 is truly incredible, exceptional, I don't know how to describe it tbh. Big congrats to them.

  • PSG didn't had any control on their destiny on the final day, that is truly troubling, question will be asked about the teams professionalism, some will say the situation at the beggining of the season, the switch between Tuchel and Pochettino will have made the situation worse but I personally disagree. At this point, there something not working well with that squad.


  • Not much to say about that one, would have liked Frankfurt above Wolfsburg in the CL but overall, those results are nice. Congrats to Union Berlin for their European spot in the conference league, I believe its the first time they will play in europe?

Now, what about you guys, what are your main take away from this year final match day?

DarthFooty 8 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 17 839

Call it a Covid season or whatever, but I loved seeing more teams challenge for titles this time around. Lille winning, AC Milan and Inter both 1-2 in the table (and I am a Juve fan for the Italian league), Athletico Madrid sneaking away in La Liga.

I dont mind great teams showing dominance, but I do like when title races are closer with more than two teams involved.

Emobot7 8 months ago
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Agreed, alway better when the second are putting some pressure toward the first. Though some people will use this as an excuse to say the PL was boring this year, I personally found the different fight for the european place most interesting.

tiki_taka 8 months ago
Barcelona, France 366 9753

Lille did a miracle.

Emobot7 8 months ago
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@Tiki Yeah, I was especially surprised to hear Christophe Galtier was their coach for this season, I had heard of him once upon a time when he managed St-Etienne, no idea he had joined Lille. Anyway, him an Lille did good, incredibly good even!

chunmin78 7 months ago
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