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Fans from Mongolia
Davgadorj 5 years ago
Barcelona, Mongolia 1 10

Any fans from Mongolia

tuan_jinn 5 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6897

Haven't seen one! So welcome to be the very first!

Emobot7 5 years ago
459 10807

Likewise, welcome and have a great time here!

srk_rox 5 years ago
Liverpool 5 542

I have read about the Mongols under Genghis Khan.. i don't remember anything about Alexander the great. which makes Khan my favourite conqueror. How can someone use composites in military that early(in 1400s I suppose? Not to forget the effective 'feint retreat' tactics he used.. The only reason I play Mongols in AOE2 is coz of him... will admire him always.

Welcome dude.

liomessi10 5 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 221 3050

My friend is from mongolia (also many other countries) and he supported man united.

Argjentt 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Kosovo 1 274

I am from Mongolia too