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Europa League Final Post Talk
Emobot7 3 months ago
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Frankfurt won Europa League yesterday vs Rangers after a 5-4 penalty shoot-out. What did you think of the game and the results.

Honestly, I'm happy about this final because it was 2 amazing team with even more amazing fans, they had some great victory over the course of the competition.

I personally felt like Frankfurt victory was deserved as I thought they were the better team overall.

What did you think though?

DarthFooty 3 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 22 915

I still need to watch the match, but I am happy to see Frankfurt win it. It's been like 60-plus years since this team has been in the CL, which this win gives them that birth.

Tuanis 3 months ago
Manchester United, England 85 2302

I'm kinda sad Rangers didn't win it. Unbelievable how Ramsey was brought into the club as a major signing, and then brought into the game only to take the penalty.. and missed it! I hope managers stop doing that. I feel it puts extra pressure on the takers.

As for Frankfurt, I saw the celebration at their home stadium and that was mad! Happy for them in the end.

Overall love that the Europa League is still a thing, bringing true joy to lesser known teams. Still top quality entertainment.

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Emobot7 3 months ago
491 10971

@Tuanis Agreed about Rangers, kinda wanted to see them win it, would have been a first for them. Frankfurt felt like the better team overall though so I'm not mad at the results. Their fans really are something else, wishing them all the best in CL. :D