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EPL 20/21 Week One Thoughts
DarthFooty 3 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 13 579

Might be fun to break down the previous week's matches as best we can. Share thoughts on performances, discuss players, teams, etc...

From the matches I watched, Leeds might be better than we give them credit for, or Liverpool just practically laid a duck. It will be interesting to see how Leeds does as they progress, but if they play like they did against LFC, they might push for a top 10 finish.

Everton looks good but it Tottenham would have finished the many chances they had, it would have been a different game. I am very happy to see James playing and looking like he is enjoying his game again.

Chelsea is going to be a handful for anyone this season. They did not have a great game yet managed to run through it with relative ease.

I did not watch the other games but did catch highlights. Did yall have any comments about week one?

Emobot7 3 days ago
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So i didn't get much time to watch many games but here what i have to say:

Fulham looked pretty damn bad against Arsenal, like Arsenal weren't bad but I really doubt they would have scored 3 on their first game against any other defense in the league. Too early to say but I expect Fulham do not have a good time.

Leeds are getting way too hyped up just because of that good game against Liverpool. Yes, they played good, but lets be honest, Liverpool weren't great either. Tbh, if anything, Leeds should be dissapointed to manage to get a better results out of their amazing performance.

Haven't seen the highlight from the Chelsea game, so I really can't talk about it.

Everton are looking good but once again, I think its more a case of Tottenham not doing well. For me they let Everton play their game too much. Still, alway happy to see Carlo and James doing well. :D

Leicester scored 3 goal but for me, they weren't completely convincing, it still look like they might not have found back their form from before the break.

All in all, week one make me think Liverpool will not have the same success they had last season. Their playing style require lots of stamina and of preparation. They have been short on both because of how the schedule as been arranged and I think the game against Leeds immediatly showed that. Will be very interesting to see how the two Manchester will play. Otherwise, its good that the season has restart. :D