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English Football Fans Force Their Way Into Wembley For Euro 2020 Final
Shearer 1 year ago
Newcastle United, England 3 21

Fans 'try to storm into Wembley' ahead of England against Italy in Euro 2020 final

This footage shows the moment fans seemingly tried to 'storm' into Wembley ahead of the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

The clip was captured by the Birmingham Mail's Aston Villa correspondent Ashley Preece a couple of hours ahead of tonight's 8pm kick off.

Members of the national media made reference to similar troubling scenes ahead of the tournament decider.

At 5.44pm, Dominic King of the Daily Mail tweeted: "If you are coming to the game tonight and you have tickets, please be careful. There have just been two separate incidents of crowds trying to storm into the stadium.

"Wembley Way doesn’t have the kind of atmosphere you would want on an occasion such as this."

The Telegraph's Sam Wallace posted another video and said: "Febrile atmosphere at Wembley. This is near the main entrance to Club Wembley a few minutes ago where it looked like a group of fans broke through the security cordon.

"Stewards currently chasing people around. Not sure they’ll get all the way to the wine and canapés.

"Just seen another fan jump down a 20 foot+ wall to try to get into the inner cordon near the media entrance. He’s telling the stewards escorting him away he had his ticket stolen.

"At the end of Wembley Way close to the stadium and its packed. Bottles and cans underfoot and the smell of smoke flares strong. Beery and boisterous. Stewards now ramping up security and more metal barriers being pulled out."

Tariq Panja of the New York Times reported: "Wembley was briefly locked down...[p]olice on horseback brought in to deal with the situation. Stadium security very jumpy".

tuan_jinn 1 year ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

English fans (not all, but A LOTTTT of them brought shame to the country), from this, to the holigans, rooting, booing during other teams' national anthems, and racial abuse to the 3 lads who missed the pens.

They are the reason why there are memes about who the ENTIRE GLOBE rooted for Italy just because they want to see England loose (including their noisy media).


I hope UEFA punish them by never let any tournament happens there for another 20 years. They need to lock up those scums themselves and set example out of it.

Greatone 1 year ago
Arsenal, Australia 19 708

Did you see the video of the fans making it past the stewards? The other english fans were angry about it and so they were tripping the people who (obviously aren't doing the right thing by stealing in) and then kicking them and punching them whilst they were on the ground.
It's absolutely disgusting.
Not condoning people jumping fences, but to violently react the way they did means these thugs have no empathy.

I think the worst thing about English fans is that although it's obviously not all, nor a majority of English fans that are like the hooligans we are talking about, the normal fans will dismiss it by either saying: "but what about this or that" or "its not all of us" (therefore dismissing the valid complaints. If you keep letting it slide, that is what starts to represent you whether you like it or not

tuan_jinn 1 year ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Yeah, I have a collections of them my friends sent to me... from they trashing their own neighbourhood, bars, clubs, to fight, booing anthems...

Most of the English fans I know are not like that, but there are so many of the other kinds, the English FA must do something harsh about it.