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England should be very very careful.
carrolmz 10 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Spain 10 4

Supporters feelings of relief and confidence are surely due in part to the inclusion of the Ukraine and 0 top ten teams in the English group. Englands draw looks promising, with their opponents combined Fifa world ranking totaling 88 (France - 15, Sweden - 18, Ukraine - 55).

Compared to the placement of their rivals Germany (Netherlands - 3, Portugal - 7, Denmark - 11 = 21) and Italy (Spain - 1, Croatia - 8, Ireland - 21 =30) the English drew very favorably on paper.

However... England should be very careful to avoid underestimating the difficulty of their opponents, specifically the Ukraine. Underestimating the Ukraine has already proven disastrous and ultimately fatal on one nearly completed quest for world domination. The link below illustrates the consequences of disrespecting the Ukraine and paying for it.

I think Englands key to unlock the knockouts is showing up to face Ukraine as the team who beat Spain, not the team who tied USA.

starland 10 years ago
Trabzonspor, Turkey 0 5

hahahahah. so funny. so true

chrome 10 years ago
Chelsea, Belgium 0 2

Ukraine tied Germany can beat England Italy will looooosseeeee

SeeingRedandBlack 10 years ago
AC Milan, Spain 2 38

Yes, but Spain dominated England, and were unlucky to come away with a loss.