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End of Liverpool era
_Pelle_ 2 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain 139 6597

Salah about to leave Liverpool.

Is this the end of the Liverpool era (under Klopp)

Algerino 2 months ago
Napoli, Algeria 4 761

It ends if Klopp leaves too imo

SunFlash 2 months ago
Manchester United, USA 19 3236

Even if Salah is sold, which I see as unlikely because I don't see a buyer for him, this will not be the end of Liverpool. Many clubs keep their great players a contract too long, and Liverpool refusing to do that with both Salah and Mane is indicative of a well-run club.

A good system, a good structure, these are more important than players by far. As Sir Alex said over and over again "no player is bigger than the club."

Emobot7 2 months ago
491 10971

Well, the Mane-Firmino-Salah era already ended when Firmino been dropped more and more in favor of Luiz Dias and Diogo Jota. So, for me, the answer it no. As the long as the system is in place and that the new signing pull their weight, Salah leaving doesn't mean the end of Liverpool current era.

However! I do think this might lead to less goal from Liverpool next season and maybe less points in the grand scheme of things. It will depend on the performance of the replacement.

Best scenario I think if Salah leave is that Nunez live up to the hype and become their main goalscorer and cover a bit for the loss of Mane and Salah in term of goal scored.

DarthFooty 2 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 22 915

I agree that it's the system and the style that make Liverpool who they are right now. Yes, Salah and Mane gone will have an impact, but the players around them remain, which was the feeder for both players. Jota, Dias, and plug in another here or there and you should still see opportunities. The question is, can they convert them and keep a high level of consistency.

Emobot7 2 months ago
491 10971

@DarthFooty Thats actually a very good question because for me, everything that been going wrong recently for Liverpool is because of lack clinicality, it absolutely not a problem of creating occassion but they do seem to underperform recently in term of converting occassion. Hopefully for them, Nunez the answer to that.