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Don Andres teaching football in Japan
tiki_taka 1 year ago
Barcelona, France 366 9753

Miss him so much

DarthFooty 1 year ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 17 837

Legend. Barca could still use him today!

Emobot7 1 year ago
459 10807

Iniesta is that kind of player where age doesn't really matter, you can see he still has amazing moment of brillance nevertheless. Form is temporary but class is permanent.

tuan_jinn 1 year ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6899

What a legend. One of my favourite of all time on and off the fields.

He would be in Barca 1st team any day, and if he's in MU, he would put all our players to shame

tiki_taka 12 months ago
Barcelona, France 366 9753

Only switch of the direction and a new vision will solve the issue. I'm actually jealous of Bayern's board, keep getting reasonable salary caps, and keep doing great buisness scouting... I was never fan of galactic building... The Madrid galactic era weren't that successful and the 2.0 version of kaka, Robben and co neither... Building a squad is a well designed puzzle with homegrowns, give it all players, high potential Wannabees and the established players that still got it...

We did terrible buisness m, sales and buys, contracts, securing old players longer contracts and finally selling them for almost free, not selling at the right moment ( psg offered 80mil for rakitic, played few sold to Sevilla 3mil ), Suarez, aging pianic for Arthur, useless CBS, breaithwaith... Huge pay raise to keep players while if you have solid direction, nobody knocks the door...

There is no secret in any buisness, if the direction is mediocre, you can rely on Messi few years then you collapse... Buying X or Y for 100 mil won't resolve the management issues, the atmosphere or the individualism that will take part of the dressing room...

Messi didn't deserve to be managed by clowns..