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Do yo remember.. ?
mladen 2 months ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 253 2317

Me :) I v been out of FR for 3 years . Since I changed my job, using my phone instead of pc, get married etc I m not often here and I m sorry . Nice to see some old members here since my first days on FR like 10 years ago. I m following football regularly of course and this pause killing me. Anyway I hope everyone is OK and life will be back to normal soon. Greeting for everyone. Stay safe :) cheers!

Emobot7 27 days ago
415 10056

Mladen be like: hey I’m back!
Football be like: aight then imma go to sleep

Life sure is cruel at time, isn't? :(

Lodatz 13 days ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 149 4932

Good to know you're doing well. :)

ramaboy10 12 days ago
Mauritius 285 6457

Good to hear things are going good for you mate

Emrecan_58 12 days ago
Besiktas 143 3246

Damn, look at all these beautiful people.

Emobot7 12 days ago Edited
415 10056

OH! Nice you see you guys Lodatz and ramaboy10. Its also been too long since we heard of you! :D

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OH! Nice you see you guys Lodatz and ramaboy10. :D

ramaboy10 9 days ago
Mauritius 285 6457

Always here bro just got nothing to say haha

quikzyyy 4 days ago
Arsenal 411 8023

oh boy seeing u guys here, i kinda wish we didn't grew up

Marcus2011 4 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 276 6363

Hello Malden, glad that you are still around!

I also didn’t forget any of you. I might be getting married ( FML but she is cool chick, fingers crossed) , lots of things are happening in my life, but I keep an eye on forum. I feel like I have known you personally far too long. Glad everyone is healthy and active in life. Lots of love to you all. Keep this forum alive. Cheers mates!

DarthFooty 4 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 11 513

Grats Marcus2011! (if you do tie the knot)

Emobot7 2 days ago
415 10056

Oh wow! Thats a great new Marcus2011. Congrats and i hope everything goes well for you! ;)

tuan_jinn 2 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 194 6650

Wowow Marcus. Big deal, great time ahead. All the best mate