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David Barral - the first footballer to be transferred for BITCOIN. A new trend?
tuan_jinn 8 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6881

The 37-year-old has joined Segunda B side DUX Internacional de Madrid. He used to be Real Madrid B player

"He becomes the first signing in history in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Criptan, our new sponsor, for making it possible."

The transfer fees isn't revealed, but in Spain, bitcon is a legal currency for business transaction as far as I know.

enter image description here

Is this just a marketing stunt (to promote Criptan, linked with Courtois' co-owner of the mentioned club), or is it going to be a trend from now on, which will creates even more bubbles than the already bubbled transfer market?

tuan_jinn 8 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6881

No one cares about bit coin and the guy :( :(

DarthFooty 8 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 16 802

Cryptocurrency is not discussed much around my parts of the world, not like it used to be when it was trying to go big.

I can't say that this is harmful, especially if it's legal currency in that given country, but it does feel like a marketing stunt. Guess we will see how it paves its own way.

Emobot7 8 months ago
457 10780

Honestly, I hadn't see that thread earlier, only reason why I haven't made a comment. XD Truth is though, I really cannot say if this is bad or not, clearly I know too little about bitcoin to make a comment as wether this is bad or not. I does think DarthFooty might be right. Also, the fact we are talking about a 37 year old who is joininga mostly a mostly lesser known doesn't really help feeling like this is a big thing.