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CONFIRMED: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Leaving Juventus!
FootballGuy 26 days ago
Real Madrid, Spain 36 115

Cristiano Ronaldo decides to leave Juventus for Man City

Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo is on the verge of a sensational move to Manchester City after deciding to leave Juventus, with the Serie A club keen to remove his massive wages from their accounts. Following Lionel Messi´s blockbuster move to Paris Saint-Germain this summer, Ronaldo´s move back to the Premier League could rock the football world once more.

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked to be sold by Juventus after deciding to leave the club, with Manchester City favourites to sign the striker.
According to Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano, Ronaldo is set to leave Juve this summer after making the request, and the Serie A side are now waiting for the Manchester outfit to make an official bid.
Juventus are understood to want to sell Ronaldo and remove his massive wages from the accounts - the club pay Ronaldo £500,000 a week, plus tax, but they are also looking for a transfer fee for their star player, thought to be around £25m.

Premier League champions Manchester City - having failed in their pursuit of Harry Kane - are thought to be the only club in the running for Ronaldo, and Juve are already seeking a replacement.
City had wanted to sign the five-time Balon dÓr winner on a free transfer according to Sky in Italy, but Juve have held firm in their demands for a fee and talks seem to have progressed throughout the day.

Ronaldo started Juve´s season opener against Udinese on the bench by his own request as he sought a move away from the club. Manchester City, having already spent £100m on Jack Grealish this summer, are ready to throw their financial weight around again in a deal that would cost them £12.8m-a-season should Ronaldo sign a two-year contract.
In a move that seems to benefit both clubs, it is Manchester United fans who may feel most aggrieved that a club legend such as Ronaldo is on the verge of joining fierce rivals Manchester City. Should he make the move, he will be set to face off against Paris Saint-Germain´s Lionel Messi in the Champions League after the two clubs were drawn in the same group.

iHEARTfootball 25 days ago
Manchester United 37 936

Oh man, I missed the welcome back party because i was so hung over from drinking too much after hearing his return last night via twitter. I'm ecstatic right now. I can't believe I'll be singing Viva Ronaldo again while wearing my first ever United shirt with the AIG print fully worn off. Ronaldo's back, and it's time that we finally put in a real fight for the titles once again. Not to put Ole on the spot or anything, but anything without a silverware will truly be on his head this season. There's just no way that we'll end up with nothing, not when we have God himself present.

expertfootball11 24 days ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2801

It would be amazin if he wore back the number 9 on his shirt...

amir_keal 23 days ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2873

All of a sudden, any chances United had of winning the league has vanished now.

SunFlash 23 days ago
Manchester United, USA 17 3181


We always play like crap v Wolves, that we got 3 points out of it is woohoo

Yeah the midfield needs to not suck more but it is what it is.

Emobot7 23 days ago
458 10785

@Sunflash How did Maguire and Varane looked together? Without seeing the game, I was rather positive but then I heard De Gea saved United a couple of time. Whatever the case is, I expect United to be really solid in defense when their first choice backline is fit.

Footy_watch 23 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain, Brazil 5 1307

@amir I don't know what you are talking about. We have a strong team, Ronaldo makes us clear favourites

SunFlash 22 days ago
Manchester United, USA 17 3181


They looked really good. The holding midfield was T-R-A-S-H though. Not sure we have a player to fill that.


We have the best attack in the league for sure, but we don't have the best team. City are still above that for sure, and Chelsea are probably level. Liverpool close by too, assuming their attackers rediscover scoring this season.

Emobot7 22 days ago
458 10785

@Sunflash Damn, getting exciting about that defense now. What suck is that United could really use a Casemiro or Kante level defensive mid right now. I think they would be so much stronger if they had a strong presence in front of their defences.

Footy_watch 22 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain, Brazil 5 1307

I dont know how we and other big clubs haven't gone for bissouma. I haven't seen much of him but whenever I watched him, he's was quality

Emobot7 21 days ago
458 10785

@Footy_watch Don't know much about Bissouma but he seem pretty decent from what I'm checking of his stat, he seem especially good at taking back the balls. Only thing I would argue is that his decision making might need some work, from what I see, he attempt to shoot a lot for a defensive mid and rarely score. Not convinced he would really be an upgrade compared to Fred and McTominay though.