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CL Round of 16.............
DarthFooty 1 month ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 30 995

AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur
PSG vs Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund vs Chelsea
Club Brugge vs Benfica

E Frankfurt vs Napoli
Liverpool vs Rael Madrid

Inter vs Porto
RB Leipzig vs Man City

Who ya got?

_Pelle_ 6 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 145 6727

When Liverpool gets it going they can beat any team in the world. But they’ve been simply too inconsistent this season.

Emobot7 5 days ago
522 11223

I thought 1-0 at the Bernabeu wasn't a terrible results for Liverpool, honestly, they lost the game at home, once they were 3 goal down and didn't get to play the next game at Anfield, there were no kind of magic saving them.

As for City, Haaland is crazy. Like you cannot keep the ball in the box for too long or he'll find a way to put it in the net. You guys think Pep got him out to make sure he didn't beat Messi record of scoring 5 in one match?

Footy_watch 5 days ago
Arsenal, Brazil 11 1646

You guys think Pep got him out to make sure he didn't beat Messi record of scoring 5 in one match?

I would think that but then I found out its not Messi's record. Adriano was the first to score 5 in the champions league but ofcourse people only mention Messi due to their bias. It doesn't make a difference that it was in the group stage because the same player scoring 5 against one team shows they are easy to score against.

Emobot7 5 days ago
522 11223

Well to be fair, I knew there was another player other than Messi but i had forgotten his name lol, no disrepect to Adriano. Also, I doubt Pep want to protect Adriano record. So yeah, this only why I only talked about Messi.

Algerino 2 days ago
Napoli, Algeria 5 812

The stars are aligning themselves for a Napoli win

Emobot7 2 days ago
522 11223

@Algerino At the very least, the scenario is set for a run to the final and we all know if you make it there, anything can happen.