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Chelsea vs Tottenham post game talk
Emobot7 1 year ago
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If I had to resume this game in a nutshell, I'd be using this gif:
enter image description here

But, joking aside, anyone else seen the game? Cracking game of football if I dare say, Chelsea could have gotten away with the win after the first half if they would have been a bit more clinical I think. Kept the game interesting and there will be a lot talk about the controversial call as well. All that tension and especially the managers frustration with each other getting me hyped up for the derbies this season. Thought?

quikzyyy 1 year ago
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I thought referees already could be suspended for committing grave errors.

I think once or twice last season referee actually got demoted to Championship for 1 weekend, then he was back to PL... The decision itself is ridiculous it literally says

this incompetent man will now be your referee.

If I was in EPL board I would be so pissed, like you know this guy can't do his job, why are you giving him to us? It's basically insult