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Chelsea vs Manchester United Post Game Talk
Emobot7 2 years ago
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One of the best draw I seen in a long time. I thought United was the better team for the first third of the game, they were really dominant and I really expected them to score in the first half. Great tactical change from Potter who really helped Chelsea even the game.

Now, about United, I thought Bruno and Anthony looked really good, seemed really on point, hope they keep this up, cause they were a joy to watch. Sancho on the other hand is really dissapointing to me, seem like he never got into the right tempo. McTominay was without surprise extremely bad, terrible defending on the penality incident, could have costed United the game. Rashford was a bit dissapointing once again but compared to Sancho, I thought he did ok. United might have to make a move for a number 9 soon so they can move Rashford on the wing instead of Sancho.

As for Varane, super sad to see him leave like that with an injury putting in doubt his participation to the WC. I also disliked seeing the Chelsea fan booing him like that, I mean, I'm not saying they should do better because most fans of other team would propably do the same but its still never nice to see a player injured like that and being in pain. Something alway annoy me when rival fans take advantage of the situation, I get they don't think about how this might impact this player future but I still wish it didn't happen. Not gonna claim its a Chelsea only thing though.

Talking about Chelsea, they were really better once Kovacic was brought on, great coaching by Potter, really starting to see a improvement from Tuchel from his management, which sadden me a bit, as I alway been an huge Tuchel fan. Jorginho, Chalobah and Mount all seemed pretty solid to me as well. Nice performance by Kepa as well who seem to have really matured since his statut as somewhat of a meme. Still think this Chelsea team has some problems in term of creating and finishing occassion.

I was really happy with Casemiro scoring in the end of the game though, as I honestly felt like Chelsea beating on such a silly mistake by McTominay wouldn't have been fair given their good performance in the game.

All in all, I'd say the result was rather fair. Thought?