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Chelsea for sale?
_Pelle_ 1 year ago
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Rumours has it that Abramovitj is fed up with the visa issues and considers selling Chelsea. Sir Jim Ratcliffe is interested in buying but the price-tag is a problem.

(Apparently he is interested in buying Nice too)

I’m not very updated in this but what do you people have to say about this? Is it likely to happen? Would Sir Jim Ratcliffe be regarded as another ”sugar daddy”?
And what do you think of him as a Man Utd fan buying Chelsea?


Emobot7 1 year ago
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And what do you think of him as a Man Utd fan buying Chelsea?

That would be weird, but considering he would put money into Chelsea, one have to hope he would change his loyalty. XD

Anyway, I don't know a lot but even so, I'm still pretty doubtful Abramovitch would sell Chelsea. I rather wait and see than pronounce myself hastily when all there is are rumours.

uncle_touchy 1 year ago
Manchester United, England 2 48

Chelsea not for sale, definitely up for Rent. -_-

quikzyyy 1 year ago
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lol imagine Kroenke selling Arsenal and buying Chelsea, that'd be better than buying Messi probably.