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Chelsea 20/21 Seasons
Emobot7 10 days ago
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So let talk and share prediction about Chelsea for this upcoming season.

First point I would like to discuss about is what do you think of their recruitement and which player do you expect to succeed and flop?

Personally, I think Chilwell and Havertz should do quite well at Chelsea and not take too much time to adapt or to perform at their best.

I kinda expect that Werner might take some time to find his form. He done quite well at Leipzig but have yet to convince me at the top level.

Ziyech shouldn't have too much trouble adapt but I feel like he might need time to glue with the team.

As for Thiago, it will be interesting because his experience is what he was signed for but tbh, I think he will need to adapt and work even harder than before to really help this Chelsea side defend better.

Second point I would like to discuss with you guys is how much pressure Chelsea and Lampard will have considering how much they spend on the market.

Imho, I expect the pressure to be relatively high and that what Lampard will need to do would be to at least get another top 4 finish. Anything less would propably be considered a huge dissapointement by Abramovich and I'm not certain Lampard reputation would be enough from saving him from the sack.

What are your thought though? Any other point you would like to talk about?

SunFlash 10 days ago
Manchester United, USA 16 3101

Thiago's signed for Chelsea?

DarthFooty 10 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 13 579

@ Sun Thiago Silva, from PSG.

On paper, this team looks nasty. Once they get used to playing with each other and those new to league get used to the speed and physicality, it's all up to Lampard to deliver the right strategies. So, the pressure is there to win everything.

If they don't finish in the top 4, it will be a disappointing season. Might not be enough to get sacked, unless they drop really low, but if they get close, I think Abra will keep him another year to see what happens.

This season will be a lot of fun in the EPL!

Emobot7 10 days ago
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@Sun Oh damn, just realized I didn't specify Thiago Silva. Sorr for the confusion. XD

@Darthfooty You might be right, I hope you are at least, would be heartbreaking to see Lampard getting sacked by Chelsea. :S

tiki_taka 9 days ago Edited
Barcelona, France 360 9593

All these are expected to do well because they are all upgrades to what Chelsea actually have. Havertz for me is the one im waiting to see... Hyped by Bayern move, age, stats, but pretty ignore everything on him.

Might buy Ziech kit, bought the carabao blue jogging, Chelsea kits always look beautiful....

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All these are expected to do well because they are all upgrades to what Chelsea actually have. Havertz for

Marcus2011 8 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 276 6399

Buy our third kit. You will find it very familiar


I am happy with players we signed, but we still need proper left back to help Azpi. I don’t think we are challenging for title this year. I don’t have confidence that Lampard is ready to push this team for title run. Players alone won’t deliver it. After spending so much now pressure is on him.

Emobot7 8 days ago
430 10223

@Marcus2011 Yeah, the thing I alway loved about Chelsea is the chesmistry and despite all of those player looking quite good, its gonna take a while for them to get used to play together like Klopp said.

Don't know what to say about the third kit other than it i feel like it would be more at its place in Spain than in England for some reason.