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Career Look Back: Fernandinho
Emobot7 1 month ago
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New concept here, a thread to look back on player whose career at the top level is mostly over (either because they are retiring or moving back to smaller league to "retire" from top level football).

In this first thread, I wanted to have a look back at a player whose generally well regarded by the fans but also not commented on a lot. I'm talking about Fernandinho, whose leaving Manchester City to go back to his first club, Athletico Paranaense.

So yeah, looking back on Fernandinho career, its interesting to see he played a long time for Shakhtar Donestk before joining City. I will concede I didn't know that.

As for the kind of player he's been in England, I really saw him as a player of the shadow, working hard in defense and having a solid passing capacity as well in offense. In short, a very complete player that worked well with Pep philosophy.

Also, I feel we don't mention it enough but I doubt City would have had the kind of success it had in recent years if he wouldn't have been at the club. I strongly believe he played a big role for City to say the least.

Thought on the player and the legacy he made for himself?

DarthFooty 1 month ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 22 908

Top teams have a good balance of player types in the room. You can't have too many of the same type of player as that will make you more one-dimensional and predictable. From the pitch to the locker room, to outside the game, each player brings something to the table.

Fernandinho was a vital part of City's dynamics not just because he was a really good player, but he was an integral piece of their puzzle. He will be missed at City for sure.

He is not done though. His move will help him stay fit and he will contribute to Brazil's campaign in Qatar, so his playing story is not over yet.

Emobot7 1 month ago
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@DarthFooty Fair point, still think its propably gonna be the last season most of us gonna see him play in europe. Hopefully, his move back in Brazil work out and he play a role for WC 2022.