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Can we please take action on the comment trolls here?
T1lt3d 2 years ago
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Can you guys maybe implement an auto-ban system on account with over -300 comment score, or something. The amount of trolls on this site (like sandrito, or the fake Sergio Ramos fan) with -500 or lower score that keep posting their troll comments and downvote spamming others is extremely annoying.

Also, there is very clearly downvote bot accounts on footyroom. Every comment with the word "Messi" in it gets -15 dislikes within a few hours every single time. This really needs to stop.

raimondo90 2 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2490

A mod has already asked FootyRoom to look into the multiple accounts, should have a response soon. We can't see whose downvoting so there's little we can do on that issue for now.

I know SergioSR4 has been arguing and has been annoying. His comments are mostly ignorant and I do remove any I see that cross the line. However, he is free to state his opinion. I don't know if FootyRoom plans to implement an autoban after certain comment score as that would promote someone to make many accounts and target one specific person.

T1lt3d 2 years ago
5 897

You're probably right about why the auto ban for low comment score is a bad idea. Didn't think of that. Maybe there could be a system like 1 account per IP, if you log in with an account, you can log into another with the same IP for a month, or something like that. It is annoying when people with 20 different accounts go through all the comments and downvote spam all the comments.