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Can footyroom put prem predictor
matrix 3 years ago
Arsenal, England 3 268

World cup is over now we need prem predictor back 2019

amir_keal 3 years ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2872

There’s like a month left until the new season, no huge deal atm.

raimondo90 3 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2491

Relax, it most likely not be up till the week the season starts. Next up should be the transfer center with all the recent official transfers.

Emobot7 3 years ago
457 10780

Someone is a prediction addict it seem. Still, glad to see people are still so excited about the predictor. :D

Tomson 3 years ago
Bayern Munich 0 10

I have predicted that France was able to win the match and won 100 stox points

EdgarEAM 3 years ago
2 241

Well, we should create an Predictors Group of Help 😅😅 Free therapies there .... ha ha ah ha.

Tomson looks like a spammer about him betting points and mobile app.