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Can footyroom improve the match scorers prediction section?
spanish 9 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 14 343

I hate when idiots vote players to score when they're injured or not eligible to play the match. For example Sanchez won't play the community shield because he's on holiday still I believe yet many idiots voted him to score. So that means only players that are 100% likely to play should be allowed to be voted to score.

liverpollfcangryfan 9 years ago
Liverpool 41 419

i agree with u but it will be hard to always remove player

tuan_jinn 9 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Agree!!! But however, that would require a tremendous amount of work and insightful information of the squad in pre-game. FR would have to build a crawler or something or would have to pay extra money for 3rd party company to get that information. I dont think its gonna happen

liomessi10 9 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053

people vote goalkeepers to score alot even. and loads of people voted suarez to score when he was banned

decentK 9 years ago
Arsenal 38 2896

What I hate is that I can't vote for example Sanchez to score twice. So when I predict for example Arsenal 3-1 WBA and then want to predict Sanchez to score twice & Ramsey 1, I can only put Sanchez & Ramsey, not Sanchez, Sanchez & Ramsey or Sanchez (2x) & Ramsey or smthing like that.

Gennady 9 years ago
Manchester United 284 3963

@spanish. Thanks for the suggestion. FR has approved the match scorers prediction section.