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Brazil FINALLY sacked Dunga
quikzyyy 6 years ago
Arsenal 428 8862

The five-time world champions failed to make it out of the group stages in the United States, beaten to the top two spots in Group B by Peru, who beat Brazil 1-0 on Sunday, and Ecuador.

The Brazilian Football Confederation informs that it has decided this Tuesday to dissolve the coaching staff of the Brazilian national football team. Coordinator Gilmar Rinaldi, coach Dunga and all their will leave their positions

SunFlash 6 years ago
Manchester United, USA 19 3246

Should've happened a long time ago. did happen a long time ago, and should've stayed that way.

_Gonzi_ 6 years ago
Juventus, Argentina 2 2102

should've been sacked way before

JozeMourinho 6 years ago
Chelsea, Greece 18 1254

Meanwhile in Brazil

enter image description here

tuan_jinn 6 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Finally, he's a joke!