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Boca Juniors legendary club wins their 32nd title!
Golazo111 6 years ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2607


Boca Juniors

Goals 2017


Croatian 6 years ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 23 1323

If you watched the league, can you tell how good is Pavon, the winger? I heard he's ready for move to Europe but I wonder which club would he suit best?

Golazo111 6 years ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2607

Pavon is one of the players that will shape the bright future of Argentina, I think that PSG was interested in buying him.
I think he would be perfect for Juventus.

His goals this season:

Emobot7 6 years ago
519 11185

@Golazo Thanks for the share Golazo. Any other player from Boca that you think who could suceed in Europe or be a bright prospect?

Golazo111 6 years ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2607

@Emobot7 I'm actually hoping that someone else will come and comment in this thread that is a real Boca fan or from Argentina, I'm not sure about all possible prospects :)

raimondo90 6 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492

Im not a real big fan of Argentine football since I think its in a pretty bad state, but when I was younger I was a big fan of Boca.

In my opinion the best young players are:
Werner (GK but belongs to Atletico Madrid, currently on loan at Boca)
Bentancur (CM already left for Juventus I believe)
Cubas (CM on loan at Pescara)

Recently read an article of a 17 year old from Cameroon who plays in the Boca youth team that might be called up. HIs name is Mayo.
Also, Juve had drafted into Tevez deal a bunch of first choice offers to a few players who seem bright.

Benedetto has been a pretty good striker. I hear after half a year at Boca scoring 19 in 41 apps European teams are already trying to sign him. Wouldnt mind Sampaoli calling him to the national team.

Golazo111 5 years ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2607

I discovered that there is a documentary about Boca on netflix, it's a bit long but it shows how football for those guys means more than anything. I think it's called Boca 3d.