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Biggest flop FiFA world cup 2022
_Pelle_ 1 month ago
Paris Saint-Germain 144 6704

Which team was the biggest flop this tournament?

_Pelle_ 1 month ago
Paris Saint-Germain 144 6704

I was thinking of adding Qatar… but honestly nothing else was expected than being dead last.

SunFlash 1 month ago
Manchester United, USA 19 3253

Germany feels like the obvious answer. Denmark and Mexico probably have shouts too. Belgium wound up finishing 3rd in a group behind two semi-finalists so it's difficult to knock that too much.

Emobot7 1 month ago
520 11186

I'm gonna say Denmark because expectation were high and they were on a ascending form, great performance in the Euro and Nation League, all that was left was a good performance at this world cup... But it just didn't happen. Worse part is a lot of people actually expected them to top their group but they ended up dead last.

Germany haven't had a lots of good results in recent tournaments so it wasn't completely a surprise. They basically lost the qualification to Spain because of goals difference.

Belgium could have eliminated Croatia if Lukaku managed to score one of his many great chances.

Without taking away anything from Morocco, Spain and Portugal could have done so much better with better coaches. Spain playing the possession for the sake of possession without much danger, there's a reason they only won 1 game in this tournament. As for Fernando Santos, he seemed to have changed a bit and improved but he dropped the ball against Morocco. Why play Neves against such a physically gifted size?

Likewise, Brazil made one mistake against Croatia by not being able to keep their lead and they paid the ultimate price for it, hard to really say they were dissapointing imho. If anything, I'd rather say Croatia was more impressive than expected, especially defensively. Great performance all tournament long by their keeper and especially in that game.

DarthFooty 1 month ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 27 978

It's a very close Denmark and Germany race for me, and I give the edge to Germany. The Danes came in with some strong play and higher hopes but when I look at Germany, especially in World Cups, we tend to see them at least go further than group play. To add to that, it was more than just the results. They did not look like a solid front-to-back team.

Belgium could have and should have, and I feel bad for Lukaku.

Spain did itself in and I feel like the coaching staff let them down in the end. All coaches need to have different styles of play at the ready, or different tactics to help try and unlock the match. Death by a thousand passes is a bad way to go out. haha

Brazil was also a victim of its own dance mentality. Had they committed a bit more to defense in that crucial time, we might have seen a different champion. Again, coaching should have tried to buckle down. I am not saying to park the bus, but change formations a bit to allow better coverage in space. You can still counter with the players they had out there. In fact, the counter would have been on, if they moved some pieces around a bit.

quikzyyy 1 month ago
Arsenal 428 8894

for me Belgium..

Footy_watch 1 month ago
Arsenal, Brazil 9 1604

Germany, Denmark and Belgium being bad wasn't a surprise. Brasil was the biggest flop as we were expected to win the world cup.

expertfootball11 1 month ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

I would say Spain, there was no game in which they played well except for costa rica, even against an inferior germany they couldn't win.
Before all the morocco hype, no one game them a chance of winning.

Belgium and Denmark were more expected IMO