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Best Signings of Summer Transfer Window 2020
Emobot7 13 days ago
437 10294

Title say it all, what do you guys think were the best signings of this summer transfer window?

Right now, I haven't actually thought as much as I would like have to about it but personally, I think Leroy Sane was a very solid signing all around by Bayern. They basically paid less than City did when they got him from Schalke.

I also want to mention Everton who got James on a free and managed to sign Doucouré. Felt like they overall had a very solid transfer window.

What are your thoughts though?

DarthFooty 13 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 13 604

Right now, I would say James for Everton. Bayern can afford to not have a Sane quality player and still do well, but James adds a lot to Everton.

tuan_jinn 13 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 194 6692

Liverpool hit a jack pot with Thiago... consider quality and price.

Not sure if they need him as much as other team need him, but still

Marcus2011 12 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6413

James to Everton hands down bargain and best quality steak do the summer.

Thiago is good but this guy is one season or two from retiring. Everton snatched world class Rodriguez in his prime for cheap!

SunFlash 12 days ago
Manchester United, USA 16 3112

Luis Suarez was a great pickup for Simeone. Obviously James to Everton. Sevilla picking up Suso has the potential to be really good. City getting Ferran Torres for so cheap was excellent business.

Kevin Volland to Monaco raised my eyebrows. If Monaco aren't a dumpster fire again that could be a really good swing.

I'd be excited for Partley and Van Der Beek, but Arsenal and United ruin everything they touch, so.

Greatone 11 days ago
Arsenal, Australia 18 604

I can't upvote you enough for that last comment @sunflash lmao

Emobot7 11 days ago
437 10294

Good points everyone. James to Everton is indeed more important than Sane to Bayern when you think about and it was much cheaper as well. I really think Real got a bit desperate on that transfer.

Should have mentionned Thiago. He's an amazing buy and I think he will bring a lot to the team. I'm not so sure he will retire in the next few years tbh but maybe he will leave the premier league for the Serie A when he get into his thirties. I could certainly see that happening.

Luiz Suarez and Ferran Torres are great mention, quality player for cheap. Will be interesting to see how their perform with their new club.

I got a good feeling about Partey, Arteta has been doing relatively well and I think he know what is doing right now. Even though lets be honest, I'm not getting my hope too high either. XD