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Bayern Munich vs Barcelona Post Game Talk
Emobot7 21 days ago
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Great game with little to no controversy, scoreline doesn't give Barca justice though. Not that I'm saying they should have won that game but I do think it wasn't a comfortable win by Bayern.

Both team had an half where they were superior, just happen that Bayern was in the second half and that they were way more clinical in it. I'd like to say Neuer really saved his team at time, he had another great game, also worth noting that Upamecano seemed really good, especially in second half where he massively helped in lowering the number of chance Barca had.

As for Barca, I thought they were really good but they suffered from lack of focus and of success at times in both half and for me it costed them the game.

Think its fair to say Barca is coming along nicely, they seem much stronger than they did last time they played Bayern at least.


_Pelle_ 20 days ago
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Bayern has 5 consecutive wins against Barca now. I’d say it’s become a psychological thing for Barca.

Emobot7 20 days ago
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@Pelle Good point, not gonna lie, I don't worry too much about that though since of most of the player who were there in the 8-2 don't play a key role or start anyway.

I honestly feel they were pretty evenly matched in this game but Bayern playing at home with a great ambiance, think they really didn't wanted to lose.

Camp Nou game gonna be super interesting though, hopefully, Barca work on being more clinical.

penny0067 15 days ago
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Bayern has now won five consecutive games against Barcelona. I'd say it's turned into a psychological issue for Barca.