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Barcelona vs Madrid
thijsFCB 8 years ago
Barcelona, Netherlands 45 223

I almost had to puke after Madrid scored after a louzy counter, not having created ANYTHING since their first goal. 

See this from a neutral point of view please: Why in the world would you play with a 10- or 11-man defence?

I'm sick of it! And tuesday is about to happen exactly the same vs Chelsea...... 

This is not football anymore, MAN UP!

Nico10 8 years ago
Barcelona, Moldova 38 290

thijsFCB I agree with you, I also don't like this kind of games but a tactic is a tactic anyway, and a win is a win... We played very bad, lost a lot of balls, failed a lot of chances, etc. You can't blame Madrid for this because they played how they can. If you would know a tactic which will help you, wouldn't you use it?

P.D. Villa we missed you! Come back faster please we need you! And I still can't fucking understand why the fuck Barcelona sold Eto'o..our best killer of the century...

thijsFCB 8 years ago
Barcelona, Netherlands 45 223

I also agree with you mate, but I'm just trying to make a statement.

I'm done with this... For once, screw the tactics, because this has nothing to do with football anymore! 
You can call me a bad loser, but you know I'm right....

This just sucks... If we make it to the final, I will cheer for Madrid on wednesday! 

I really can't wait to destroy them in the final... I'm so pissed atm

koldimere 8 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

All part of the game my friends. @Nico I felt the same when Henry was sold to you guys! 

GunnerGo 8 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345

Mates, i saw the game and you can't compare what Real did with what Chelsea did, Real played a lot better and using counter attacks, Chelsea just had one chance and one goal, be good losers and just concentrate in the CL and Copa Del Rey, this just show how used you were to win, you can't have all the Trophies for yourselfs every season, now wash the wounds and keep moving on!

Oh and get ready to see teams using this tactics against you, it's a perfect way to beat the unbeatable Barcelona.

expertfootball11 8 years ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2618

Please , Barcelona fans , don't cry like babies. We were much better . We had better tactics .

bloodred1992 8 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

Lousy counter? Then why did the defence of supposedly the best team in the world not stop the 'lousy counter'? Make no mistake, Real Madrid deserved the win. At least Madrid took the chances that they created (as did Chelsea). Barcelona for all their ball possession and all their pass completion could not manage to get a single shot on target apart from the 3 shots that led to Sanchez's goal. If anyone has to be blamed it should be Tello, he had some great chances and failed to score or set up his teammates in any of them. And Barcelona's best and cleanest chance was when Messi sent a beautiful pass to Xavi who just had Casillas to beat but failed to do so.

And please if anyone has to man up it's you @thijsFCB. You can't win everything you know. Respect the opposition when they beat you despite their tactics which you may not find attractive or not worthy of being called as 'football anymore'.