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Arsenal won a trophy!
ArgjentD 4 days ago
Juventus, Kosovo 5 84

Well guys, maybe you won't believe this but Arsenal just won a trophy today. They beat Chelsea with the help of referees ofc. What do you think about this? Do we need to prepare ourselves for a big disaster after this? I'm kinda scared tbh

Ledley 4 days ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1284

Aubameyang, what a player.

iHEARTfootball 4 days ago
Manchester United 37 900

Give credit where it's due. Congrats Gunners. Despite the shitty season you've had, this win brings hope for the next season to come. Enjoy the moment.

quikzyyy 3 days ago
Arsenal 413 8080

imagine having the worst season in 20+ years, winning the oldest cup competition in the world, beating City in semis and Chelsea in the final and yet you dig on us, are you Spurs fan in disguise? have a nice weeeeeeeekend lads

Emobot7 2 days ago
424 10131

Congrats on the win quikzyyy, it was deserved even though nearly everything that could go wrong went wrong for Chelsea. That doesn't take away from the fact that Arsenal played well in that final and they were rewarded for it. Congrats again and enjoy it. :D