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An honest opinion on football fans
expertfootball11 8 months ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2618

I haven't posted in years in here, but I wanted to say something about football fans that I really believe, not saying I'm right, not generalized but still :

Some football fans are overacting when a team loses the games, they go on to damage some player's integrity, saying horrible things about them when almost all of their career was flawless.
And now that the betting industry has grown bigger and bigger, people are litteraly putting immense amount of stress with that money at stake can turn them violent.
Finally, i believe that the people's reaction has been much worse than before, much more unfiltered and violent. Somehow I believe this is due to the increasing decadence and downfall of Western societies.

Just wanted to open a debate about this, let me know what you think

DarthFooty 8 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 8 445

From an online aspect, it is the worst because we can hide behind our keyboards. Their is no accountability feared and thus people say what ever they want. Not to challenge freedom of speech, but there are some situations that are initiate or instigated that cause real harm to others, which should bring consequences in my opinion.

Now, I wont comment on the "downfall of western societies" but I completely agree that betting brings a whole other level of reaction and makes people desperate.

Saying someone is overacting might not be the best way to describe ones state because passion for a team and the sport has different meaning to everyone. I Absolutely love Football, it is a passion! I react to my teams loses in my way, and perhaps someone else might consider it overreacting.

We are all people. Take out the bets, the money, the egos and we have the greatest sport on the planet in its truest form. But we are human and we must conquer over others, we must rule something, we must own something.

Ledley 8 months ago
Celtic, Australia 38 1159

Are you saying that betting and the comments section on the highlights of a game are linked because I think that is hilarious. Also, your comment about the downfall about western civilisation is nothing to do with Football.

You bet more because you maybe want your money back perhaps...

iHEARTfootball 8 months ago
Manchester United 36 848

increasing decadence and downfall of Western societies

The extremities of the violent reactions come only from a microscopical demographic of morons, and this comes from everywhere. I don't think it's fair to stereotype the entire Western hemisphere with that statement because I can assure you that we're much more civilised that you think.

With that said, I think betting industries are only getting bigger because of the risk averse options you have. For instance, once you've placed in a bet, you can pull out whenever you like before 10 minutes towards the full-time whistle, lowering the chances of a violent reaction.

Greatone 8 months ago
Arsenal, Australia 14 486

he means that the downfall of western society in terms of certain things/ideologies of which he believes have contributed to making football fans more irrationally irate when confronted with their team losing.

whilst being true or not that's what he is suggesting, don't dismiss it without actually countering it. I suppose you can highlight ledley's response as a way of showing how football fans think; they don't; why bother countering an idea when you can meaninglessly mock someone else's thoughts? its much easier that way isn't it ledley?

Add that with social media giving a platform for people who normally wouldn't be able to share their opinion (valid or otherwise) plus the way that football is turning into a greedy money making machine, i think there is a much more vested interest in your team winning considering a) how much is being spent on players so the hype for each player is greater, b) how non-fluid the footballing hierarchy is now. i don't know.

but there definitely seems to be much more hate out there now, however that could just be because those who spout bullshit get highlighted the most often, so in your brain you will remember more often incidents where someone is being hateful instead of how many times that people have been having intelligent football discussion (there's an actual name for this effect) - for example when people score stunning long range shots from outside of the box , you will remember those goals much more so you will think that they happen quite often whereas the actual stats of goals scored from outside compared to inside the box is like 1 in 10

expertfootball11 8 months ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2618

Yes maybe the extreme reactions of certain morons are very marginal, yet I think our society became kind of complacent with degrading behavior, violence and threats of all sorts. I can't think of any other sport that has the same level of hatred spread.
I know this is an image that is displayed constantly by media, but still

Marcus2011 8 months ago Edited
Chelsea FC, England 274 6223

we're much more civilised that you think.

Most civilized people in history of the world were always the most violent.

P.S. applies to every civilization ever existed ;)

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we're much more civilised that you think.

Most civilized people in history of the world were always the most violent.

Marcus2011 8 months ago
Chelsea FC, England 274 6223

Gambling is a growing concern in my opinion. Online gambling has created new wave of fans of sports but also destabilizes life of those fans when their team looses. Now it isn't just psychological damage but twice psychological and monetary. There is a reason why humanity throughout the centuries in every different confession, civilization or you can nation tried to outlaw gambling. It has negative consequences always on people who can't control.

I am gambler and used to be pretty bad one but it has been 3 years i haven't been to casino. Yet, i know what people feel like when they are on loosing streak. It is a dangerous slope to be in when you are starting to feel optimistic and desperate. If you sport gamble, do exactly the amount that you don't give a damn about and make the rule to never ever increase it. You will never win fortunes. House always wins. Simple. odds of you becoming rich is incredibly low!!

As far as player bashing. FCk these players hahah they have millions!! you think they give a damn what we think??!! Think again!

smithclarkson01 2 months ago
Arsenal, England 0 17

they are like chutiya people