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Amazon's Prime Football Package.
Gennady 7 months ago
Manchester United, Russia 269 3600

Twenty Premier League fixtures will be aired on Amazon Prime Video over December, including Jose Mourinho’s return to Manchester United, the Merseyside derby and all the Boxing Day fixtures.

Amazon Prime users receive instant access to the matches and fans have been impressed with the ability to access the stadium atmosphere over commentary.

Looks pretty damn good! Is anyone using it?

Hekasi 7 months ago
Chelsea, England 7 759

Features are amazing but the stream was about 1 minute late from live.

Lacoste 7 months ago
Liverpool, England 7 367

@Hekasi hate it when it happens. You pay to watch quality official stream and they're minimum 1 minute delaying it... smh

expertfootball11 7 months ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2672

Not giving any damn money to Amazon bastards...

Marcus2011 7 months ago
Chelsea FC, England 276 6363

Amazon are evil but god damn it... I always wanted to some commentators to just stfu because they don’t add any interesting value to the match.