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Ajax's Bob Marley Third Kit
JoeBiden 13 days ago
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Ajax 21-22 third kit pays tribute to Bob Marley and his 'Three Little Birds" song and reveal some more concrete info.

The Three Stripes of the shirt "are split into the singerโ€™s signature green, yellow and red colors". The famous Amsterdam 'XXX' sign is on the back under the collar with three little birds "carrying it". The shirt has a v-collar.

The Ajax 21-22 third kit is set to introduce a bold new look for the club, paying tribute to Bob Marley.

Today's leak comes via @hendocfc, who states that his info comes from a catalog that he has access to. The shirt expert has even created a full prediction of the jersey, which will be predominantly black.

The Ajax 21-22 third jersey is set to be mainly black with a round collar in the Rastafari colors red, green, and gold. The colors are also used for the 3 Stripes, which are placed on the shoulders of the Adidas Ajax 2021-2022 third kit. The logos on the front of the shirt are likely going to be red.

Marley's song "Three Little Birds" has become an unofficial anthem for the Dutch club after it was song by Bob's son Ky-Mani Marley at the stadium. It's still regularly sung by the Ajax fans.

DarthFooty 13 days ago
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Cool and should market well!

mutogode 7 days ago
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looks great and modern! i will buy