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Adebayor sent off for 'karate kick'
ForeverBayern 28 days ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 7 316

The often controversial forward launched himself at a Defensa y Justicia defender to try and win the ball, but ended up catching the poor bloke right on the jaw.


nsurprisingly, Adebayor was given his marching orders by the referee, but he actually tried to plead his case.

He may have been going for the ball - as is often the case with these tackles - but he put his opponent's health under serious threat. There's no argument, it was a red card.

Adebayor did take to Twitter to apologise, writing: "SEA, tough game today! What a great team spirit, and what a win boys @elclubolimpia. Sad to leave the pitch early on a Jackie Chan challenge. It was never my intention to hurt my opponent, And I am glad he is okay."

DarthFooty 28 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 10 495

Definite Red card, but I am glad he took to media to apologize. You can kinda see he pulled back slightly, but foot to the face is no Bueno. haha

SteveBould 28 days ago
Arsenal, England 8 238

Adebayor doesnt give a fuck thats just how he is. You saw his celebration against Arsenal after he left. Usually players raise their hands and dont celebrate against former clubs out of respect, this guy does a victory lap around the whole field and then knee slides. Don't get me wrong I always liked Adebayor, even have the kit, but he just has no class.

Footy_watch 28 days ago
Arsenal, Brazil 2 561

If he's pleading his case then i believe he never saw the player but you still cant have your foot that high when there might be an opponent close by. I think a yellow wouldve been the correct decision

Greatone 28 days ago
Arsenal, Australia 16 567

how is that a yellow? theres putting a foot up high which can get a yellow, but that was foot high up plus studs up. he didnt mean it but its still incredibly reckless

_Pelle_ 27 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 100 5919

Red card... intentional or not imo

Footy_watch 27 days ago Edited
Arsenal, Brazil 2 561

I see why i was wrong. The defender was at the location to get the ball before adebayor so it was reckless to say the least. Deserved red

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Tbh after looking at it again, the defender was at the location to get the ball before adebayor so it was reckless to say the least. Deserved red

Emobot7 26 days ago
411 10023

Definetly a dangerous challenge. Red card is fair for me.

tuan_jinn 23 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6629

This guy has no respect whatsoever, I remember how he celebrated against Arsenal. Really classless.

I never liked the guy nor thing he's any good anyway :D

This is a clear red/