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A research questionnaire for brand development / In cooperation with one European football league
reyjuspe 7 months ago
Liverpool, Finland 1 4

Hello all,

I thought of sharing the link to the survey below with you, as I imagine that you might be interested in this. And to be honest with you, I also would highly appreciate your help with this as I need a large amount of responses internationally to complete my master's thesis :)

I'm conducting a research in football marketing for my thesis in cooperation with Finnish national football league (called Veikkausliiga). We're measuring the brand images of football leagues internationally and evaluating how extending into eSports with their brand has affected them.

To put it simple, I want to to e.g. measure how English people perceive Premier League and how founding of ePremier League has influenced their opinion.

I believe that people on this forum are aware enough of football so that they can evaluate their own attitudes towards their home country's top league. I used England as an example, as I imagine most of the people on this forum are English, but there are a total of 12 leagues included in the study. Thus, I assume most of you can find a league of your home country or some other league you're highly familiar with :)

I believe that you're interested to test your own opinions on your national football league, so this is hopefully a fun task to do. Moreover, it will really be used to develop branding in Finnish football, so it's your chance to have a real impact.

I trust that you are kind enough to help me and interested enough on football to share your opinion :) I truly appreciate each answer highly!

Thank you in advance - please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have.

Best regards,

reyjuspe 7 months ago
Liverpool, Finland 1 4

And as you can imagine, the aim of the Finnish league (Veikkausliiga) with this is to expand into eSports as well. So this study might actually largely determine whether we see Finnish football also in FIFA in addition to our first final tournament next year. Each response really has an impact.