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5 Things Wrong In Modern Football
naman93 12 years ago
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For some, the game of football is just that, a game. For some others, me included, it is life. Being in that group makes me care about the game and think about it, sometimes a bit too much. Here are some of the things that are wrong with the game today, which if rectified, can to some extent make the game even more beautiful:

1) Agents – In modern day football, the role that agents have been playing is becoming more and more profound, and not all of it is good. A lot of money is been taken by agents, which is affecting many clubs. FIFA must do something to reduce their influence, though I am not sure what they can do, as I see them getting more and more influential.

2) Cheating/diving/simulation – You see lots of players cheating to gain an advantage over their fellow professionals nowadays. We see player feigning injuries to get others sent off, while diving to win penalties, sometimes in the most ridiculous of fashions. I am pretty sure that this never happened in the days gone by.

3) Money orientation – Football these days has become more of a business than a sport. Player wages in this tough economic environment are exorbitant, and all that money comes from the pockets of supporters, meaning that tickets and merchandising are getting more expensive as well. In order to be competitive, clubs are spending more than what they can afford. Portsmouth and Glasgow Rangers are prime examples of how badly things can go wrong.

4) Drugs – Players know that in order to make the grade they must perform to the best of their abilities. That pressure has brought about the use of drugs and steroids. There is no place for that in football; quite frankly it is embarrassing seeing mature professionals stooping to these levels.

5) Too much player power – The player power in club football has reached ridiculous levels, and there is very little loyalty left in the game these days. The Bosman ruling has made players all the more powerful. Clubs can do very little about the situation. It’s like the child has become stronger than the parent.

For me, football is the best game in the world and the pleasure of watching the game is immense. However, it is just these small things that take some of the pleasure away, and makes me think what would happen if these elements were not there.

Your thoughts !!

ramaboy10 11 years ago
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knibis 11 years ago
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Thats why it feels extra sweat that City are almost out..

kanewilliamson 1 month ago
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The constant diving and playacting are definitely ruining the beautiful flow of the game. Football could learn a lot from sports like rugby where there's a culture of sportsmanship and playing on. Maybe even implementing a system like flag football's penalty for intentionally falling down would discourage players from faking injuries!