Former Ajax player Ronald de Boer believes that the terrible results of the Amsterdam team are entirely justified.

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«You can't make chocolate out of shit. Where is all of this heading? I am genuinely worried. Next week, there will be a match between teams in the relegation zone, Ajax against Volendam. It's excruciating. I've never felt anything like this before. It's terrible.

The problem lies in the quality of the squad. Let me clarify: I have nothing against newcomers. They can't do anything about the fact that they were suddenly allowed to play for Ajax. They are pleased about it.

It's because Ajax should be signing fewer second-rate players. You understand that they won't be able to play at the top level. The pressure is much higher. The pace is much faster.

In Ajax, you won't have any time. The guys from Ajax's youth know this; foreign players don't. Their mentality is different; they give in. That's why they are losing,» de Boer said on the Pak Schaal Podcast.

Ajax has set a club record, earning five points in six opening Eredivisie rounds. The legendary club is in the relegation zone.

Published by Patrick Jane