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Xavi Stays. Good Decision or Failure?

After meeting with Joan Laporta, Xavi decided to continue working with Barcelona into the next season. Fabrizio Romano and the club's vice president, Rafa Yuste, confirmed this information. Was the Spaniard's decision right, or was it a mistake?

Xavi's decision – the right one

In nearly three seasons with Xavi, the Catalans rose from the ashes after the catastrophic crisis unleashed by former Barça president Josep Bartomeu. Thus, he understands better than anyone what the club needs here and now. During his years at the helm of Blaugrana, Xavi not only built a competitive team that snatched the championship from Real Madrid last season but also unveiled new gems from La Masia to the world, for whom their coach is both an idol and an authority figure. For Catalans, a better coach for the present day cannot be found, so the news of him continuing at the helm is the best for any fan of the Blaugrana.

Xavi's decision – the wrong one

As various sources have repeatedly pointed out, Xavi's key condition was a guarantee of reinforcements in the transfer window. However, it remains uncertain whether Laporta will be able to meet the coach's demands, especially given Barcelona's performance this season, which has clearly been worse than the previous one. This uncertainty adds an intriguing element to the situation, as counting on major achievements is definitely not advisable. Consequently, the squad will need to be cleared out, but the Catalans will only be able to fetch adequate funds by parting ways with key players. This will inevitably lead to a decline in the team's potential.

Another aspect of concern with the coach is his fragile mental state. He often takes criticism to heart and is prone to emotional outbursts, as evidenced by his three send-offs this season alone. This vulnerability highlights the immense pressure that comes with being the coach of a club like Barcelona, evoking a sense of empathy from the audience.

Published by Patrick Jane