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Who is the Leader in Clean Sheets in the TOP 5 Leagues?

Yann Sommer is the best goalkeeper in the TOP 5 Leagues for clean sheets. The Swiss have as many clean sheets as goals conceded (19).

Unai Simón achieved the most clean sheets in Spain. Athletic fought for their keeper's Golden Glove as best they could – in the 35th round, Simón was even substituted after the 60th minute so that another clean sheet would be added to his tally (after this, Bilbao conceded twice and lost to Celta 1-2).

Marcin Bułka helped Nice concede the fewest goals in France's Ligue 1 (29). His compatriot Wojciech Szczęsny also made it into the TOP 10, being the second goalkeeper in Italy's Serie A regarding goals conceded (30).

David Raya is the only representative from the Premier League on this list. The Spaniard became the first Arsenal goalkeeper in 8 years to win the Golden Glove in the EPL.

The best clean sheet records after Sommer's belong to Marc-André ter Stegen (1.8). If the German had played all 38 rounds and maintained this pace, he would have had 21 clean sheets.

Lukáš Hrádecký heroically guarded Bayer's goal unnoticed. The Finn has 8 more clean sheets than Manuel Neuer (7).

Published by Patrick Jane