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The top four battle has been a showpiece the whole season, with each team fighting for every point. Over time, these places have changed positions, the top two primarily attracting attention with the EPL title struggle. Moreover, Manchester City and Arsenal have already booked their place in next year's UCL competitions.

The factor leaves two more open positions actively contested by three teams, while two can get lucky mathematically. We shall analyze these teams looking at each chance to qualify for the most prestigious club tournament.

Automatic Qualifiers: Manchester City and Arsenal


Arsenal have been more than impressed this season, and their push for the league title is a testament to the team's progress. The team has yet to appear in the competition since the 15/16 season, making next year's show-up special.

Arsenal fans will hope the team carry their season's form to the tournament and at least go deep in the knockout stages. With the tournament's competition, it would be best if they get a favorable draw, considering the length of their absence. You can also catch Arsenal's UCL comeback via sports betting, with multiple wagering options for different group matches. You are also free to try other sports and in-game features.

Manchester City

Qualifying for the UEFA champions league is the least of City's worries, with the team having featured in the last 12 tournaments. The main factor for the team is winning the coveted trophy, having narrowly missed it in the 20/21 season when Chelsea defeated them in the finals.

Therefore, next season's qualification was sure amongst fans, especially after the Mega signing of Erling Haalnd. He is Europe's top scorer and contender for the Ballon d'Or.

Interestingly, Pep's side has to deal with the ongoing UCL semi-finals, where they face the defending champs, Real Madrid.

The Remaining Two Spots

It gets tricky for teams fighting for the last two positions, where even a draw can disqualify them. These include the following:

  • Newcastle (3rd): 66 points
  • Manchester United (4th): 66 points
  • Liverpool (5th): 65 points
  • Brighton (6th): 58 points

Newcastle United

There were predictions of Newcatle's revival, but nobody had anticipated their current placing at this time of the season. The team's last match in the competition was 20 years ago, during a qualifying game.

EddieHowe's squad has been consistent throughout the season, with a few draws and unlucky losses, denying them a title contention chance. They must, however, maintain focus as a slip of one game week can take them to 5th.

Their remaining matches will be crucial, facing the following teams:

  • Brighton
  • Leicester
  • Chelsea

Nonetheless, pundits will pick them as favorites in these matches, considering their excellent run of fixtures.

Manchester United

The Red Devils are tied with Newcastle but are behind on goal difference. Manchester has been shaky recently, including a forgettable exit from the Europa League competition, as eliminated by Sevilla.

Manchester's last UEFA match featured Christiano Ronaldo, where they failed to proceed and got relegated to the Europa League.

The club is officially back in its old form, with Erik Ten Hag receiving the nod from pundits. Therefore, next year's qualification will be vital in kickstarting the new legacy and proving its credibility to the world.

Like Newcastle, they can't let any point slip, needing all remaining points to be safe. They play next against:

  • Bournemouth (Away)
  • Chelsea (home)
  • Fulham (home)


Liverpool could benefit from either Newcastle or Manchester United's downfalls. The Reds have been in excellent form, winning seven of their last ten games. The fifth position is unfamiliar for Jurgen Klopp, following a poor start to the season, at one point placed tenth.

The fifth position is impressive, considering the quality teams they've surpassed while making the top-five comeback. Part of the comeback is needed after the team had an early elimination from this year's Champions League.

With excellent features remaining, Liverpool can hope for Newcastle's or Manchester's mistakes and slide into the top four. However, they shouldn't let their guard down, with a season's concluding matches having their share of surprises. The matches include:

  • Aston Villa (Home)
  • Southampton (Away); relegated

Brighton: Wildcard Chances

Brighton's position is impressive enough, an improvement from 9th in the 21/22 period. The team attracts quality players who could have won and achieved bigger things if not sold. The team is off to a great end of the season, recently defeating Arsenal 3-0 while aw.

They can qualify mathematically, but the possibilities for the above teams to lose all their games are slim. It would also mean they must win all their matches.


Manchester City may be the UCL defending champions next season as they welcome back The Gunners after a long spell. Meanwhile, numbers three and four are up for grabs, to the delight of the fans who love end-of-the-season dramas.