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What's Going On with Paul Pogba Right Now?

The Frenchman's agent has spoken about Pogba's condition. He wants to return to the field.

Rafaela Pimenta, the agent of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, has spoken about the player's condition.

"Pogba could return to the field tomorrow. He is ready for any situation; he has the mentality of a champion. He takes a hit, survives it, and moves on. Pogba is training, knowing that he must be ready.

Sometimes I say to him, 'Maybe let's do something else?' he gets angry and says, 'Rafa! I have to train. You don't understand: I have to play, I want to win, and I have to finish the path I started,' " the agent is quoted as saying by AS.

Currently, the Frenchman remains suspended from football due to a doping scandal. In the current season, the 30-year-old midfielder has only played 2 matches in Serie A.

Published by Patrick Jane