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What Is the Intersection of Football Fans & People Who Gamble As the Data Shows Us

Sources say that approximately 74% of people who usually make football related bets also play on one real-money gambling site or multiple, depending on their engagement and time. They tend to look for slot and game show titles more often than Table Games, which require a more in-depth strategy. Their preferences are also pretty similar to a normal gambling profile, deposits are completed with e-wallets, and spending per session is around £15 to £35.

Sports in casino games

Football-themed slots and table games are a popular way for operators to try and cross-sell sports bettors into playing casino games. With major sports like soccer having huge global fanbases, creating games that tap into this passion seems an obvious win.

However, the data reveals these football casino games have fairly limited appeal. A recent analysis of sports bettors who also play at the casino found only around 25% regularly play football-themed slots. For most, classic casino games like roulette and blackjack are preferred.

Despite their apparent sports appeal, football slots account for just 2% of total playtime amongst these cross-over players.

For sports fans, replicating the experience of betting on real football matches proves difficult.

Equally, simplified football betting games within live dealer titles fail to generate much traction. With in-play betting now widely available in sports, there is little demand for basic football betting motifs within table games.

While some cross-over appeal exists, football casino games ultimately cater to a niche audience. The data shows this combined sports and casino group strongly prefer the classic thrills of roulette and blackjack once their sports bets are placed.

Rather than football themes, operators should focus on highlighting traditional casino games to sports bettors during periods with no live events. The instant gratification of classics like slots, baccarat, and blackjack has far more influence than sports theming.

Sports bettors and casino experiences through the eyes of analysts

Analysis by GamingIntellingence.com into over 100,000 sports bettors who also play casino games found that most were aged 26-45. Live casino was the most popular at 46% playtime, followed by slots at 39%. Only 25% played both live casino and slots. Roulette and blackjack were the top live games.

The research found that 59% of players made combo bets in sports, with 32% making single bets. Those making single bets tend to play more cautiously in casinos, too, sticking to basic blackjack strategies, for example.

Combo bettors take more risks in casinos, making straight up roulette bets. No correlation was found between slot volatility and sports betting behaviours. Sports bettors wager far less in casinos than in sports.

Marketing tactics

Understanding the differences between sports and casino players is key for effective cross-selling. Sports fans are passionate and analytical, while casino players seek instant gratification from games of chance. Sports bettors may find slot games untrustworthy as they rely on RNGs rather than actual events.

Successful cross-sell tactics include tieing casino promotions to major sports events, especially on weekends when there are no fixtures. Target the 24-35 demographic initially. Offer free bets and spins, pointing players to roulette and blackjack first before recreational classic slots.

A good cross-sell rate is around 10% of sports players also playing casino.

Adding sports protects against player loss to rival brands while unlocking synergies between the two verticals. A plug and play sportsbook iFrame allows quick integration without needing sports expertise. The sportsbook blends into the existing site design, with the operator retaining control of limits and exposure.

Casinos don’t lose

Although sports players are vaguely interested in casino games with sports themes, casinos still have numerous gamblers to rely on.

Sports bettors who have tactics will use them on any live dealer game and football match they can and ensure a fast win. Casinos understand that and don’t push the boundaries. Usually, bigger casino brands invest in better software for live dealers and exclusive offers and bring sports betting odds pages alive when significant championships are in play.

Published by Patrick Jane