Messi Hong Kong
"We Want Messi!" - Inter Miami Infuriates Fans in Hong Kong

38,000 people gathered in the stands of the National Stadium in Hong Kong for a match between the Hong Kong Championship All-Stars and Inter Miami. Despite the pre-match excitement, the fans booed the visiting team's players. The scandal erupted due to the absence of the main star of the American club, Lionel Messi.

Inter Miami continues its commercial tours to various stadiums worldwide to prepare for the upcoming season. Following El Salvador, where a beautiful drone parade illuminated the sky in honor of the Argentine wizard, and Saudi Arabia, where Leo appeared only at the end of the match, the MLS club visited Hong Kong. The team was set to play against the local championship stars. Fans bought all the tickets in anticipation of seeing the 21st century's greatest footballer on the field. The excitement was insane.

However, even without Messi, Inter Miami comfortably defeated the local players, partly redeeming themselves from a recent loss in Saudi Arabia. Recall that the American team was crushed 6-0 by Cristiano Ronaldo's Al Nassr club. Messi appeared on the field only in the 83rd minute when everything was clear.

The game in Hong Kong proceeded calmly. Only in the last five minutes of the first half did the opponents decide to step up in scoring and exchanging goals. The guests opened the scoring in the 40th minute, assisted by Robert Taylor. But to the delight of the local fans, the hosts equalized three minutes later. However, in the first 20 minutes of the second half, the American team twice disappointed the Hong Kong championship team, essentially solving all their tasks. Ryan Saylor extended the lead to 4-1 minutes before the final whistle.

But the overcrowded stands of the National Stadium were disappointed by the not-so-happy outcome. The man for whom people had gathered did not appear on the field as a part of the guests. Due to a hamstring strain, the 36-year-old Messi spent the entire game on the bench. Fans were dissatisfied with this, and in the second half, they began to chant, "We want Messi." They also booed Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham, who tried to thank the audience for the "incredible support" and showed a thumbs-down gesture.

The coaching staff of Inter Miami decided to spare their main asset. Although everyone understands that if people came to see the Argentine "alien," such an opportunity should have been provided to them. At least give him 5-10 minutes on the field as the world's biggest football star. Surprisingly, Americans, who know better than anyone how to entertain audiences and make money from flashy shows, seemed indifferent to people in other countries.

Published by Patrick Jane