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Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his incredible fitness, but Wayne Rooney revealed that the Portuguese didn't always follow a healthy diet in his early days at Old Trafford:

"With Cristiano, when I first came to United, we went to games and trained together. I remember the night before the game, we stopped at McDonald's because Cristiano wanted a Big Mac," United's top scorer told The Times.

"He was trying to gain weight; he was so skinny. I was driving and had to drive through a McDonald's with a takeaway to buy him a Big Mac."

When Rooney was asked about Cristiano's current diet, which includes six meals and five naps a day, Wayne replied:

"With five children, I don't know how he keeps such a regimen. Ronaldo looks like a million dollars; while I never had a perfect body, I could play for 90 minutes and train every day.