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Legendary forward Ruud van Nistelrooy has resigned as the head coach of PSV. On Tuesday evening, the specialist met with the board of directors, where they agreed that he would continue until the end of the season (only one round remaining in the Eredivisie). However, the following day, Ruud left PSV. According to a statement on the official website of PSV, Van Nistelrooy felt that the club needed to provide him with more support.

"On Tuesday, Ruud came to me, and we talked. We agreed to address the team and focus on preparing for the upcoming game. On Wednesday
morning, Ruud came to me and informed me that he was leaving
immediately, and then he informed the players and staff. Ruud stated
that he lacked support,"
said PSV's Technical Director, Ernest

Fred Rutten, a coaching staff member, will assume the role of interim head coach. "PSV regrets Ruud van Nistelrooy's decision, thanks him for winning the Dutch Cup, and hopes to finish the season in second place," PSV said. But why did the legendary Dutch forward lose his temper and abruptly leave the team?

One of the major Dutch newspapers, De Telegraaf, previously shared exciting information. The PSV management held meetings with players behind Van Nistelrooy's back to assess the coach's performance. Some players admitted that Ruud persistently used a tactic they didn't like. And the coaching staff, represented by Andre Ooijer and Fred Rutten, wanted to be more satisfied with how Van Nistelrooy communicated with them. He, in turn, considered such discussions behind his back unacceptable, which led to his departure from PSV. However, some players in the club were upset about Van Nistelrooy's departure. One of PSV's best players this season, Xavier Simons, posted on social media: "Thank you for making me a better player and helping me achieve one of my dreams of making it to the national team. Forever grateful. Good luck in the future, mister!."

Van Nistelrooy took over as the head coach of PSV in June 2022, replacing Roger Schmidt. Previously, he had worked for several years in various youth teams and as an assistant in the national team. Under Van Nistelrooy's leadership, PSV won the Super Cup and the Dutch Cup (defeating Ajax in both cases). The Super Cup match was particularly epic, ending with a score of 5-3. In the final of the Cup, PSV won in a penalty shootout - 3-2 (1-1 in regular and extra time). After the game, Van Nistelrooy appeared happy, danced in the dressing room with the players, and did not mention any tension.

With one round remaining in the Dutch championship, PSV is in second place, which grants them the right to participate in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. They are three points ahead of Ajax. However, in their final match, PSV will face a severe opponent - AZ Alkmaar. If PSV loses and Ajax wins, the team risks missing out on the Champions League. A significant shake-up before such an important game is not the best news for the bosses of PSV.

Van Nistelrooy proved himself as a decent specialist during his time in Eindhoven. The question, however, is his impulsive decision to leave the club before a crucial game.