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Unprecedented Generosity from Ronaldo. He Gave Up a Poker for a Perpetual Substitute

Things are starting to look up for the Portuguese.

The disappointing exit from the Asian Champions League and the scandal over an inappropriate gesture are behind him. Today, it's the Portuguese player's insane form and pursuit of more records.

Approaching the 26th-round game, Ronaldo was in excellent spirits:

  • Al Nassr had a winning streak in the league of three matches.
  • Ronaldo himself scored five goals in these games.
  • He was awarded the best player for March.

And now, there's a looming record for the most goals in the Saudi League's history. Before heading to Abha, second from the bottom of the table, Ronaldo was only eight points away from another historic milestone. In short, Abha predictably fell victim to the hot hand of Cristiano and his gang.

Ronaldo played only one half of the match but scored 3+1! It could have been more, but a shot to Mane for an assist wasn't counted because of the goalkeeper's touch. However, Ronaldo's stolen goal credit is almost archetypal.

Cristiano's hat trick may not be surprising, but the fact that he finally unleashed his "rocket" deserves attention. The last time he scored from a free kick was over a year ago against Liechtenstein, and he scored a brace from such situations in 2011! Some may lament the level of local goalkeepers. Still, Abha's goal is guarded by the Romanian Ciprian Tătărușanu, who has proven himself a solid second choice in several top European clubs. Although it must be admitted: the first free-kick goalkeeper did miss – the shot was low and straight down the middle.

But the second free kick was unstoppable – Ron lobbed it over the wall and placed it in the corner. Thanks to these two goals, Cristiano closed in on Messi: the Argentine has 65 converted free kicks, while the Portuguese has 63.

Ronaldo also remembered to score in the game. He elegantly chipped Ciprian Tătărușanu in a counterattack, marking his 65th career hat-trick. And, of course, comparisons with Messi are inevitable here, too. Leo has 57. In the duel of hat-tricks, the Portuguese seem already out of reach. In two consecutive matches, the Portuguese captain scored three goals back in 2015 for Real Madrid.

Ronaldo took away the poker from himself... Ronaldo himself. Instead of scoring a fourth goal, he passed to a free partner, who then sent the ball into the empty net. Unprecedented generosity from the Portuguese!

As a result, the score was 5:0 by halftime and 8:0 at the end of 90 minutes. Al Nassr's chances of winning the championship are almost lost. Still, Ronaldo himself will undoubtedly become the most prolific player in the league's history by the season's end, rewriting several more records along the way.

Published by Patrick Jane