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Unique Balls at EURO 2024 Charged from an Outlet

Football incorporates more technology each year, and one such innovation is being tested for the first time at EURO 2024. Now, handball can be determined thanks to a particular sensor embedded in the ball.

This innovation was already tested in the match between Belgium and Slovakia, and it's unlikely the Belgians were pleased with it – the referees disallowed a goal that would have saved them from defeat. For the first time, fans were shown this technology – when Openda touched the ball with his hand, the sensor's "wave" spiked.

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The sensor records any touch every 0.002 seconds, allowing referees to detect handballs and determine the exact time of the touch. Additionally, the ball is equipped with an artificial positioning sensor, enabling the creation of a 3D model to accurately determine whether the ball has left the field or crossed the goal line, which is also crucial.

The microchip that enables all this is located in the center of the ball and does not affect the force of a kick or the trajectory of flight.

However, there is a nuance: the ball must be charged using a regular power outlet.

Published by Patrick Jane