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The lead over Inter is already 18 points.

Napoli beat Atalanta 2-0. They already have +18 from Inter. There is no doubt about the championship. Gasperini's team was obliged to impose resistance to show that the opponent was not perfect and that he could be beaten. It even worked in the first half. The game seemed even. Mutual, but not particularly dangerous, attacks. This was the chance to put the Neapolitans in their place finally. But even the tactical genius of Italy failed. You already understand, thanks to whom.

Yes. Namely Khviche Kvaratskhelia. In a couple of months, he will undoubtedly receive the award for the best player in Serie A. But so far, this is far from it. At the same time, proving that you are cool here is necessary at a difficult moment when you need to drag the team to victory. And he did it.

In the 60th minute, another Napoli attack. Osimhen did not play the whole match. But he found a way to throw the ball at Hvicha. He received the ball at the corner of the penalty area. At speed. There are three in front of him; two are running. Two spectacular swings - and no one else. Opponents fell from these feints. Next hit. In the near upper corner without a chance for the goalkeeper.

1:0. By that time, Napoli had almost won. It was just a matter of keeping the score. It was not difficult, considering that Atalanta almost failed in the attack. But the hosts scored the second. After 17 minutes, Rrahmani extended the lead. It was already a victory.

In the 85th minute, Khvicha and Osimhen were replaced. Under the standing ovation of the stands. First of all - to the address of the Georgian. The Nigerian was not happy with his game. He failed to score. But Kvaratskhelia left as a hero. He deserved it.

Can anyone else catch up with Napoli? Hardly. It seems that Spalletti is almost a great coach again. But this would have happened with Khvichi.