The world applauds soccer players for their on-field brilliance, remarkable fitness, and astounding agility. Yet, these athletes exhibit an unexpected fondness for a different game altogether: poker. Off the field, they engage in high-stakes games and professional tournaments that challenge their strategic thinking and risk assessment abilities. If you are inspired by their experience, you can always try your hand at live poker tournaments at Сonquestador online casino Сanada. Let's delve into some unforgettable instances when soccer stars graced the poker table with their astute moves.

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Neymar Jr.'s 2018 Highroller Tournament appearance

Neymar Jr., the renowned Brazilian soccer player, has also shown a keen interest in poker. Amidst his commitments with Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar took part in the prestigious PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) High Roller tournament held in Barcelona back in 2018. While his journey didn't lead him to the final table, he did demonstrate an exceptional skill set by securing a commendable 6th place finish and adding an impressive €79,440 to his earnings. This remarkable performance highlighted Neymar's undeniable prowess and potential as a formidable poker player.

Gerard Piqué's consistent performances at the EPT

Gerard Piqué, the FC Barcelona soccer star, is not only known for his skills on the field but also for his impressive poker abilities. Throughout his career, this Spanish center-back has graced the EPT with his presence and exhibited a remarkable mastery of the game. In 2019, Piqué dazzled audiences when he secured a remarkable second-place finish and a jaw-dropping €352,950 prize in the EPT Barcelona €25,000 Single-Day High Roller event. With such consistent triumphs under his belt, there is no doubt that Piqué stands tall as one of the most exceptional poker-playing football enthusiasts out there.

Theo Jørgensen's feat as a professional poker player

Theo Jørgensen has effortlessly moved between two worlds, shining in both soccer and high-stakes poker. Noteworthy is his remarkable success in the European Poker Tour's Polish Open Main Event of 2008, where he triumphed and pocketed an impressive €367,383. Building on this victory, he further showcased his poker prowess by clinching the esteemed World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris title in 2010 with an incredible cash prize of €633,902. Aspiring poker-playing soccer stars can draw inspiration from Jørgensen's seamless transition from one sport to another coupled with his exceptional achievements.

Jan Vang Sørensen's triumphs in poker

Jan Vang Sørensen, an esteemed Danish national team player in the realm of soccer, discovered his true calling in the intense world of high-stakes poker. With unwavering dedication and adaptability, Sørensen's talents propelled him to triumph in the 2002 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Pot-Limit Omaha competition. This astounding achievement not only granted him a coveted gold bracelet but also a remarkable prize amounting to $185,000. Demonstrating exceptional prowess once again in 2005, he secured another WSOP gold bracelet by conquering the Seven Card Stud event. Through this extraordinary journey from professional soccer athlete to esteemed poker champion, Sørensen proves his innate versatility and indomitable determination.

Teddy Sheringham's successful poker career

In the world of sports, few individuals have achieved the level of success that Teddy Sheringham has both on and off the field. Renowned as a national team star for England and a true legend at Manchester United, Sheringham's talents extend far beyond the soccer pitch.
After bidding farewell to soccer, Sheringham found himself drawn to another game that tested his skills and strategy - poker. It didn't take long for him to prove his mettle in this new realm. Throughout the years, he has taken part in numerous high-stakes poker tournaments, successfully accumulating earnings surpassing $300,000 along the way.
One particular standout performance showcasing Sheringham's prowess took place during the 2009 European Poker Tour at Vilamoura Main Event. Outshining competitors with his astute gameplay tactics, he secured an impressive 5th place finish and €93,121 in winnings. Teddy Sheringham continues to demonstrate his exceptional ability to excel not only on one playing field but across multiple domains.


It is evident from the aforementioned instances that soccer stars share a common passion for poker. The game's demand for mental agility, skill, and strategic thinking has made it an appealing hobby for these athletes outside their sporting endeavors. Notable names like Neymar Jr., Gerard Piqué, Theo Jørgensen, Jan Vang Sørensen, and Teddy Sheringham have all showcased their prowess at the top echelons of poker. Their triumphs in prestigious tournaments serve as a testament to the versatility and abilities possessed by these soccer players that extend far beyond the boundaries of the beautiful game.

Published by Patrick Jane