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Top Instagram Accounts For Last-Minute Football Accounts

Football fans and journalists find the latest news on every platform there is. Thus, it seems that Instagram has become a key battleground for sports reporters to spread breaking news and insider information directly to the public. The platform's focus on visual content and stories makes it easy to share updates in real time.

You can follow the top 10 most searched Instagram accounts of famous footballers, but you'll miss out on some other information. For this, we selected some top channels that bring you fresh news from trusted sources.

Fabrizio Romano for the hottest international news

Fabrizio Romano is an Italian sports journalist renowned for breaking transfer news about football. He has gained a massive following on all of his channels.

On Instagram, Fabrizio Romano has over 25 million followers on his verified account @fabriziorom as of 2023. You can see why he is one of the most followed football journalists after looking at the latest posts.

His Story updates come rapid-fire, no matter the time or day. Thanks to his extensive network of sources at elite clubs, Romano feeds the transfer addiction of fans year-round. He knows exactly what his audience craves - the thrill of the latest signing, manager swap or contract drama delivered instantly to their phones.

And with his non-stop work ethic and trademark "Here We Go!" to confirm done deals, Romano has established himself as the king of last-minute football news. His realm is Instagram, and we're all just living in it.

Fabrizio's way of telling stories hooked us and the other millions and made him the winner of the "Best Football Journalist" in 2022.

David Ornstein for Arsenal

Fans of English football know the name David Ornstein is one you can rely on. As a leading British football journalist, Ornstein has built his reputation on integrity and accuracy amidst the rumour mill of transfers, sackings, and backroom dealings.

With over 485,000 followers, his Instagram account @davidornstein gives fans a direct window into his reporting world. Through a mix of insider images, behind-the-scenes videos and live discussions, he provides unmatched perspective into Arsenal FC and the Premier League.

Unlike some journalists rushing to break transfer rumours first, Ornstein's trademark is diligent citing of sources. You can trust you're getting the real story, not just speculation; when Ornstein reports a big signing or managerial change, you know it's time to get excited.

Beyond news, his Instagram offers you something rare - genuine glimpses into the reporting process. Ornstein takes you directly into press conferences, training grounds, and matches.

James Pearce for Liverpool and the Premier League

Want an accurate insider view of Liverpool FC?

Then the Instagram account you need to follow is @jamespearcelfc. As the Liverpool Echo's dedicated football correspondent, James Pearce has his finger directly on the pulse of the Reds.

With exclusives straight from Melwood training ground and Anfield itself, Pearce gives followers unparalleled access to the Premier League giants. You'll find transfer scoops, team news, interviews with Klopp and behind-the-scenes views no other journalist can match.

Pearce relies on deep club connections to bring you reliable reporting. He's not interested in churning out gossip or rumours without sources.

You'll notice his love for football and family on his Instagram account as he balances complex reporting with relaxing landscapes with the family.
His account reached 41,500 followers and 640 posts.

Get ahead of rumours

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Published by Patrick Jane